Photos of Ellora’s Kailas to support peoples’ long journey home

A personal initiative supported by INTACH Aurangabad to raise resources for CARPE’s COVID-19 efforts

CARPE (Centre for Applied Research and People’s Engagement) first started supporting lockdown affected waste workers. By end April Aurangabad emerged as an important hub for migrant workers from West Maharashtra on their long journey home towards Central, North and East India. Responding to the human tragedy CARPE extended support to migrant workers. As of May 29, 2020 CARPE had delivered essential supplies to 1409 households, assured 507240 meals impacting 5500 people, distributed 3063 PPE kits and supported the return of 7500 people home to Bihar, UP, MP, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and within Maharashtra. And the work continues

As a small effort we are raising money to support CARPE through the sale of 6 of the best pictures from a larger body of my work shot at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ellora Caves for the book, “Kailas at Ellora – A New Look at a Misunderstood Masterwork” authored by Roger Vogler. INTACH Aurangabad who published this book has kindly agreed to partner with this initiative to raise money through a limited time print sale to support CARPE’s work.

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kailasa temple Kailas 01: Panoramic view of the Kailas from atop the east cliff
kailasa temple Kailas 02: South face of the Vimana from the Yajnasala Cave
kailasa temple Kailas 03: Worshippers at the Lingam in the Garbhagriha
kailasa temple Kailas 04: Handstand with the backdrop of the River Goddess Complex
kailasa temple Kailas 05: Stair to Lankeshvara Cave with Gajalakshmi sculpture at its base
kailasa temple Kailas 06: Devotee walking through the East Gallery

The minimum contribution is INR 10,000 for a 16” x 24” print, INR 8,000 for a 12” x 18” print and INR 5,000 for an 8” x 12” print. This offer is currently limited to India purchase and delivery. The cost of postage is included. Please WhatsApp Peeyush at 8800796609 or email at with the picture code, size and address or in case of any enquiries or any other clarifications. Prints will be couriered to you as the lockdown opens. All payments to be made directly into CARPE’s account.

Peeyush Sekhsaria, is an Architect and Geographer by training, his photography work has been published in the Mint, Outlook Traveller, BLInk, Indian Express, The Wire, ArchitectureLive, Resurgence UK and his images have illustrated books published from India and abroad. His work has been exhibited solo and as part of group exhibitions at the NCPA Mumbai, Max Mueller Bangalore, UNESCO and Fous de L'ile Paris, Adas Artes Livraria Sines Portugal amongst other venues. His latest solo exhibition was at the India International Centre, New Delhi in February 2020.

Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Aurangabad Chapter, is involved in creating awareness about the heritage of the region and through activism and advocacy provide protection to the unprotected heritage monuments and sites. The chapter has several publications to its credit, the important among them being the books “Aurangabad - Art, Culture and Heritage” and “Kailash at Ellora - A New look at a Misunderstood Masterwork”.

Kailash at Ellora

"The Kailas at Ellora – A New View of the Misunderstood Masterwork" authored by Roger Vogler with photographs by Peeyush Sekhsaria and Roger Vogler was published in July 2015 by INTACH Aurangabad and MAPIN

Copies of the book are available with INTACH Aurangabad at INR 2000, please write to Peeyush for details