A Very Fresh Place

Jeevanbima Nagar, HAL 3rd Stage, Bangalore 560075

In an interview, a husband and wife respond to questions on the "Places I/They Like". This five member family (two children, one in law) lives on the 1st floor in one of the buildings.

Q. How do you find this place?
A. Very pucca, good atmosphere, calm, not polluted, good air to breathe, very fresh. People are very good, we have friendly and good neighbours. We don't need a playground. Safety wise very good. Very comfortable, not like apartments, 1 straight staircase, its good for all. Kitchen is big compared to new flats

Q. Since how long have you lived here?
A. Since 15 years. When we came here nobody was bothered about this place, it was completely outside the city. See where the city has gone today

Q. What are your feelings about this place?
A. Corners, placing of furniture, the space is utilised very well. Very compact, just right for a family. While planning the ground, first and second floor usually all floors are equal, but here it is different.

Q. What are the places you like most?
A. Ofcourse the Kitchen (smiles) and the hall because all the activities happen here.

Q. And the terrace?
A. The terrace, it is only because of the terrace that we get fresh air. It is a huge space.

Q. Did you know that this place has been designed by the architect Charles Correa?
A. We do not know who the architect is, nobody knows that. But we always thought of the person who has designed this, always on our mind, we did not know his name.

Q. What feelings will you have when you have to leave this house
A. Very good, even our own house would not be as good as this one. For 40 lakhs in a new apartment you will not get a kitchen that you can stand in. Balconies are small, cannot even dry clothes. Outside it is not possible to get this kind of accommodation.